November 2016

The Elegant Bass Bar

Hidden inside the top, the bass bar is one of the elegantly sculpted parts of the violin.

1/8-size Cello Accident

When we started a rental program, a friend warned me that I’d regret renting cellos. Here’s one reason why.


There are all sorts of ways to damage an instrument, and I’ve seen them all, I think.

Laser Scanning of Violin Arches

No photo for this one–I’m just going to point you over to the first new article I’ve put up on my book site since 2012, an explanation of how I scan archings on violins with my carpenter’s laser.

Making a Top Cast

I recently showed a violin getting a breast patch. Here’s a shot of that same top, prepared for making a plaster cast. The top has been spot tacked to a sheet of plywood, then a sheet of very thin latex stretched over it to protect it.

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