And now, something completely different…

Michael (me) in the garden

(Me, 1979 )

Before I was involved with violins, I was a photographer. My last full-time photo job was in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on a very small newspaper in an isolated and underpopulated area. It was a great job where I got to wander around in a four-county region asking people I saw doing interesting things to let me take their picture for the paper. My editor happened to hate both sports and check-passing/handshake photos, so I didn’t have to deal with that kind of stuff. He wanted general-interest pictures of normal people, and I was delighted to do that.

Anyway, recently I’ve been going through my old negatives, looking to see what I might have missed the first time around, and am finding all sorts of interesting pictures from that era. I decided to digitize some of them, and put them up on Flickr in their own set. These aren’t necessarily newspaper photos–mostly they’re pix of friends and family from that period, doing their daily things. That’s me in the garden at the top of this post, for instance (Annie shot that one).

I expect to be putting things up on a sort of an irregular basis. Check it out if you’d like, on Flickr.

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