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Not a Help!

Gluing on a fingerboard is not a hard job. On the other hand there’s a school that believes in making easy jobs hard, in this case
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Ribs Scraped Smooth

Making Scrapers

Set up correctly, a scraper should be able to pull shavings just like a plane. If all you are getting is dust, something is wrong.
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Danny Koentopp and Michael Darnton

An Honored Visitor

A recent phone call from the respected archtop guitar maker Dan Koentopp reminded me that his work should be interesting to violin makers as well as guitarists.
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There are all sorts of ways to damage an instrument, and I’ve seen them all, I think.
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Laser Scanning of Violin Arches

No photo for this one–I’m just going to point you over to the first new article I’ve put up on my book site since 2012, an explanation of how I scan archings on violins with my carpenter’s laser.
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