Not a Help!

Gluing on a fingerboard is not a hard job. One puts glue on the board, places it on the neck, squishes it down, rubs it around a bit until most of the glue is spread or squeezed out, leaving just enough to do the job, and at that point the board sticks in place on its own. It can be scooted around for placement, but it’s not slippery and it will stick when you let go. Then you put on the clamps.

On the other hand there’s a school that believes in making easy jobs hard, in this case, by adding metal locating pins. I don’t know of a single person who likes to run into one of these with his knife while taking off a board, putting a big bite in the knife’s edge, and I wish people would not do it. Sometimes they’re just tiny little things: guitar makers sometimes will throw a staple in the front of a neck and clip off the crossbar to leave two tiny teeth just barely above the surface, and running into one of those isn’t too bad. But this person used full-size nails.

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