Traces of a Cremonese Saddle

Cremonese saddle traces

In Cremona, the early makers glued the saddle onto the surface of the rib, extending it directly upwards through the top. These saddles are all gone, but once in a while, as on this beautiful Carlo Bergonzi violin, one gets to see the shadow of what originally was there,

Old Pegs

A friend pulled these out of an old violin, and knowing I was interested in this kind of stuff, sent them to me. They’re violin pegs that probably predate 1800, and are maybe as old as 1750. (Notice that one peg doesn’t match–a later replacement, probably.) Eric Meyer, a great fittings maker on the west …

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A Really Baroque Bridge

I hope the friend who created this drawing of a very grumpy prototype of a baroque bridge will not mind if I share it with you:

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