Workshop, the Wi-i-ide view!

wide workshop view small

Things have been busy in the shop. I’ve got some help now, someone who does really fine bow work, whom I worked with 25 years ago—James Min—is doing our bow rehairs and repairs two days a week.

When you follow this link, you’ll see why I don’t show the photo at its full size in this post: it’s the whole workshop, from one corner to the other, about 300 degrees of panoramic view of a wide-angle view of my shop. Open and pan the link for the whole effect!

I’m going to start being better about keeping these posts up now—there’s a lot going on here to show!

For those of you who are into photography stuff, in the last year I’ve added large format (5×7 and 8×10 film) formal portraiture to my project of photographically following the violin business. I’m keeping that on a separate Flickr page from my 35mm stuff.

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